Hi there, I'm Dalton! I'm a web developer and design enthusiast living in northern California.

I love building useful things for the web and have dabbled with lots of different tools in doing so. The tools I'm most comfortable with are PHP, Ruby, Javascript, and plain old HTML & CSS but I also enjoy experimenting with Elm & Elixir.

I enjoy every part of the application development life-cycle including interface design. While I do most of my design in the browser, I've been known to create a mockup or two in Photoshop or Sketch.

Above all, I value thoughtful solutions to challenging problems, clean code that's easy to reason about and thoroughly tested, and creating things that make life better for users in some way.

Does this sound like someone you could use on your team? Why not get in touch and let me know what you're working on. In the meantime, here's what I've been up to.